Running chips without MagJack attached

Hello, will WIZnet TCP/IP device damage or degrade if it will be running without MagJack attached (without a load on its PHY output) for a while?
To be precise I use W5100. I am having other components on the board to troubleshoot, but did not solder MagJack because it did not arrive yet.
Please advise.
Thank you.


TCP/IP device is Not damage without PHY and Magjack.

But, caution !

What kind using the chip?

refer to bellow W5500 reference circuit and check to (forum site) … fschematic

Thank you

Thank you.


Which caution?

Caution is schematic design.

You design correct circuit, otherwise dangerous.

So, refer to below site

check the HW Design Guide Tap.

It is W5100 Reference circuit.

Thank you

Edward, you seem to answer different question.

Assume that schematic is fully correct, but I do not solder MagJack connector. Is there any danger?

It is not danger.

Just RJ-45 and Transformer use reason is communication to other peer.

you just checking phy signal? It is not danger

thank you

Thank you.