SSL client problem

I have a problem with wizfi250 client ssl connection. After issuing SCON command im getting disconnected after ~3 sec. Log:,1000
SocketOpenProcess : connect error, 30002


Is it problem with certificates? wizfi certificate expiration (which read by AT+MCERT=R,C) is 20/05/15. Another thought: output from
AT+MCERT=R,K ← Read Key and AT+MCERT=R,R ← Read Root CA is identical
Can you help me?


To disconnect after 3sec issue is the right process.
Because google server cuts the client when specific data was not arrived.
SCON command can access the google(SSL handshake).
After the SSL handshake, You have to send the correct data to the server.

Then why there is no [CONNECT x] reply? How should i determine if connection actually happened?


I think it is because an un-matched parameter.
You typed SCON command like below.


An IP address address is normal (not ssl) addressed.
Parameters (TCS, 443) are options for ssl.

For example,
Typing " " into a web browser

You can find the message “Empty response”

But, typing " " into a web browser

You can find google main page.


Were you able to connect through SSL connection. I am working on wizFi 250 SSL connection, but facing the same disconnect issue. Kindly let me know how you resolved the issue.