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Supporting Enterprise Protocols on Wizfi250

Hi everyone!
I’d like to ask you if there is any plan to support, in WizFi250, the same authentication protocols supported by WizFi 210/220.
I’m interested in Enterprises ones.


Hi Federico

There is a list of WizFi250 security type.

  • OPEN
  • WEP
  • WPA1-AES
  • WPA2-AES

Do you want WPA2-Enterprise? Not supported.

But, WizFi250 supported SSL connection like WizFi210 enterprise.

Hi wizdaniel!
Thank you for your reply!

Yes, you are right!
I’m looking for WPA2-Enterprise beacuse I have to connect to a public wireless lan that use only WPA2-Enterprise.
I know that WAP2-Enterprise are now not supported but any plan to implement this feature on WizFi250 in the near future? :frowning:

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