Basic Questions


We are looking into using this chip to transmit UDP packets and I have some basic questions.

  1. Do the chip add any information to the UDP packet? For example, the header and checksum of the packet?
  2. I looked in the sample code and I couldn’t see how the chip select was being used for reading from the socket. To read, do I follow these instructions:
    • Set the address pins
    • Pull chip select low
    • Enable Read
    • Read data from data pins
    • Disable Read
    • chip select high
      If that is the case, how do I know when the read data is valid?
  3. What about writing to a socket?
    • Set address pins
    • Pull chip select low
    • Set data pins
    • Enable write
    • Disable write
    • Set chip select high
      If this is the case, how do I know when the data has been written?
  4. What about read/writes from a buffer? Do I have to enable chip select and read multiple times?

hello, robyn

do you want to know the interface w5300 has?

I think this page will be so useful


in the below, please check the registers and pin information in datasheet.

And you can test it with application note as well.

thank you