Read value of control and status registers is 0x00

Read value of control and status registers such as MR, Sn_MR, Sn_CR, Sn_SR are 0x00. Though I wrote some values into them. Registers like SIPR, GAR and TX_buffer registers return the correct value that I have put inside them.
Maybe anybody have faced the same problem?

You must be sure your MCU can communicate with W5500 via SPI interface.

Please check some point like below.

  1. pin connections of SPI interface
  2. whether you choose a proper clock for SPI
  3. Measure SPI signals if you have oscilloscope.
  4. etc.


Thanks for the reply, but I think you have misunderstood me. I read SIPR GAR, etc very well -So SPI interface is working!
I cannot read MR, Sn_SR - that’s the problem.

May be a reset problem.
Have set properly tx/rx buffer after the reset routine?