W5500 udp not sending data but receveing


   This is jagadeesh. Recently i started working with W5500 chip. i downloaded drivers from site. TCP protocol is working fine but in case of UDP protocol data is not sending(sending without headers so other side unable to receve) but it is receiving. i checked with Wireshark then i found that data is sending from W5500 chip but it is sending without headers.so other side it is not capturing data. what are the causes for that. please provide solution for that.

Thanking you.

Jagadeesh, not sure that what you describe is an issue. You opened “data” section of the packet, and of course you will see there only data you sent. If you open other sections I am sure you will find other required properties of the UDP packet.
The issue, from my point of view, is that you send data to destination port 0. Or you want to send broadcast packet? Please explain what you want to get as a result, how you plan to get it, and then we may be able to help.

Hi SIr,

 The problem is i am unable to send data. here i attached one image in that you can find that while sending data from wiznet chip there is no destination ip address,port num,mac address with data so other side data is not capturing. i am selecting settings ....Sn_MR=0x02;

That is why I am asking what you want to get as a result, as you are not clear about it. If you want to send broadcast, issue can be in one instance of your sending process, if you send targeted UDP packet then in another.

for destination ip i am giving but in wireshark it is showing and port number is 8000 but it is showing 0. i am trying for data sending,receiving.

You should set gateway address in W5500 gateway register. If you do not, it will be unable to get MAC information of the remote network device (ARP request is served by gateway).