Case Study DVR 관련


Google web서치해 보면 wiznet 칩의 DVR 응용처에 대한 사례가
첨부와 같이 나와 있습니다.

페이지 8에 아래와 같이 나와 있는데, W3150A로 구성된 것 같습니다만
너무 오래된 내용같아서, 최신 칩 즉 W5300이나 W5500으로 구성된 DVR응용사례가 있으면
제공 바랍니다.

[Case Study DVR.pdf에서 따온 내용]
Main Functions with WIZnet Solution in DVR of A Company
► Monitoring live view
► Viewing recorded data
► Controlling PTZ
► Internet Backup
System Implementation
► MCU + CPLD + W3150A+ (no direct connection between MCU and W3150A+)
• MCU : 1. Control W3150A+ through CPLD
2. Receive data from W3150A+
3. Send other data except JPEG Image to W3150A+
• CPLD : 1. Interface W3150A+ and give an indirect path between MCU and W3150A+
2. Store JPEG Image into SRAM and send it to W3150A+
• W3150A+ : 1. Process TCP/IP Protocol
2. Send or receive data between CPLD and Internet
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