W5500 and STM32F030 Combo


I’m trying to make STM32F030 communicate with W5500 chip. I’ve tried using the libraries from the github provided by wiznet but with no success.

Can someone suggest a library(ies) that I can use with STM32F030 to make a simple DHCP client that will obtain the IP from the router and send broadcast packets to the Ethernet.


W5500 and MCU communication is using SPI.

And ioLibrary is all have.(DHCP, DNS …etc)

And refer to WIZ550web code. below link.


It is STM32F103RCT6 + W5500 module code.

And you checking W5500_Init() function. (below code)

reg_wizchip_cs_cbfunc(wizchip_select, wizchip_deselect);
reg_wizchip_spi_cbfunc(wizchip_read, wizchip_write);

It two line code is activating ioLibrary.

Thank you