TCP Server with W5500

3.7.4 Write Data Size to S0_RX_RD to Update.
3.7.5 Write S0_CR = 0x40 (RECV) to Notify W5500.

Hello Eugeny. Based on Shade flow . May I know from "3.7.4 Write Data Size to S0_RX_RD to Update " . Do we write back the value of data size from " 3.7.1 Read S0_RX_RSR to Get the RX Buffer Data Size " to S0_RX_RD to Update ? Update means what for w5500 ?

And why we nee to to "3.7.5 Write S0_CR = 0x40 (RECV) to Notify W5500 " ? Isnt the S0_CR (RECV) interrupted when interrupted cause by established connection ?

Hope u could help to explain ? New to wiznet w5500 also.

hello give sample code for same.thanx

No. Read W5100 datasheet chapter 5. You update RX_RD register value with its value you previously read plus number of bytes you read from the buffer. It tells W5500 that this space you shifted pointer through is now free to be filled with further network data.

Application must explicitly tell W5500 when it finished operations with its RX buffer, and that W5500 can proceed getting data from the network into freed space.

You may find it helpful to look at a LGPL W5500 driver that is known to work and use whatever parts of it you find useful. I just posted my update to the Arduino Ethernet 2.0 library on github.