Assigning port no to ethernet module 812MJ's socket

Hello Sir ,
I wonder can socket be assigned any port no of our choice in 812MJ ethernet module ? I did this by assigning 502 to socket 0 but it failed to connect while if i am assigning socket 0 port no. as 80 i am able to connect , receive and send data .

Any port number can be assigned to the socket.
Do you use TCP server?
To debug this problem, you’d better use the Wireshark([url][/url])) and see what happen when you connect to the board.

I am getting RST signal in the wireshark when i use 502 port . what does it mean ? why it is not giving SYN flag .

RST means there is no socket having 502 port.
I think you need to check the port number is correct when you open the socket.

Hi ,
I tested wheather my socket gets assigned with other port no or not . ! and i found that any port no greater than 255 doesn’t get connected while port no <= 255 gets connected . I am using AX1 software from wiznets website , is there any limitation in this s/w or reason is something else ?

AX1 support any port number (~65535).
As the port number is 2 byte and you need to define it as Integer(2 byte) in your code.