[From QnA]Unable to correctly read some Socket

We are using the Wiz810MJ module using a SPI i/f. Whereas the initialisation appears to be OK ( ping to the module over a LAN works), when we try to read the Socket 0 registers, we are able to only read some of the registers correctly. Registers like Destination Hardware Address, Destination IP Address return the reset value, even though we have set them to non-zero value.

Strangely, however, some of the Socket 0 registers return correct value ( like the Mode 0 register, Source Port number ).

Any hints for us to debug further ?



Dear customer,

Thanks for your interest in w5100.

What is write correct value in Socket 0 register?

Are you offer the opcode(0xF0)+Address(2byte)+data(1byte) in regular sequence?