serious problem


I’m using x2 w5500 in my project recommended by AVNET distribution in Israel.
The w5500 is connected to internal switch and other external ports.
I didn’t use magnetics because the short distance in the board.
The configuration is UDP and all the PMODE is set to ‘1’.
I having a number of problems:
• Sending UDP message towards the PC port cause the following:
Wiznet send ARP request the PC is responding with ARP response. The response is not received by the Wiznet that set timeout interrupt.
• Reading phycfgr register we notice the value 0xbb that indicates the status of the line as half duplex/100BastT/Auto negotiation.
• Trying to change the code to work 10M with no Auto negotiation rarely works.
I need your help as soon as possible.
I can Email you the schematics if needed.

Thank you,

i added the schematics, please see if the TX/RX line are ok.

I do not know the right answer to your issue, but -

  1. why RX lines are having 75 Ohm resistors?
  2. Look here at the Edward’s reply; related document is located here. You may need capacitive coupling on the lines.

How do you know that chip did not receive ARP response? Did you configure chip properly before starting using it?

Hi Eugeny,

First thank you for your help.

I tried to do the same like in the application note in the link but it was worse now i don’t have even a link.
I think the coupling should not be use.
About the program, it base on the EVK app so it showed work fine.

Any other idea??

Thank you.