Wiz750sr to replace Wiz107sr

Hello. On 6x2 data pin connector (wiz750sr) for pin 6 (U_DTR0/PHY LINK) and pin 10 (485_SEL). If we are not going to use these pins , do we ground it or leave it floating ?

For (wiz750sr) pin 8 (U_DSR0 / TCP CON / HW_TRIG) , how it function or how we control it ? If jus want to use pin 8 (wiz750sr) just for HW_TRIG same as that of Wiz107sr , how it work ?

Finally. Wanted to replace Wiz107sr to Wiz750sr (TTL) , are all cmd the same ? Like for read address “LI\r\n” , hex “4c490D0A” . Do u have Wiz750sr-TTL user manual/datasheet in pdf ?

Hi, @NewUser.

The commands of both modules are the almost same, and some commands have been added in WIZ750SR. (for example: expansion GPIO commands)

For WIZ750SR, There is no PDF file yet. you can see the user manual & datasheet on WIZwiki page.


First, do not connect ground to pin6. If you don’t use this pin, It should connect floating.
Because, HW_TRIG is active low.
pin 10(485_sel) is RS-485 set pin. So If you don’t use RS-485 mode, It is fine to connect to ground.

Secondly, when you first insert power, MCU is check to the HW_TRIG status.
So, If you want to use HW_TRIG, You should set to active low HW_TRIG. and then set to reset or do it power on/off.

Thank you.

Hello rena. Thx for the reply. There are not much information provided in the wikipage regarding the description/functioning of data pin connector ? For example pin 6 or 10 not using , therefore leave it floating ? Pin 8 got 3 function DSR/TCP connect/HW_TRIG , not much description ?


Hello . Please ignore latest question ? Pin 6,8,10 already answered … Thx … Sorry missout on it …

Thx again

Hello Edward . Regarding Wiz750sr (TTL). For pin 10 , can we leave it floating also if not intend to use ? And for pin 8 , when connected to mcu io’s pin and want to send cmd to read/write , we set active low. When not in use , default is it active high ?



Yes. You use TTL version. Then you don’t care pin10.
in case of RS485 SEL is used to 422/485 board.
And for pin8 default have to set high.(pull-up)

Thank you