What is the difference between the WIZ750SR-TTL as compared to WIZ107SR-TTL?
Currently, I’m using the WIZ107SR-TTL, i wonder can i directly switch to use the WIZ750SR-TTL? Is this modules compatible with each other?

Thanks & Regards,
KS Lam

Hi, @kslam1980.

WIZ750SR is a replacement for WIZ107SR and is compatible.

Some of the differences are:

  • MCU spec
    WIZ750SR is based on Cortex-M0 and WIZ107SR is based on 8051 MCU.
  • Some Pinout function

  • Operation Temperature (℃)
    WIZ750SR: Commercial (0~70)
    WIZ107SR: Industrial (-40~85) for H/W revision v1.3 or later.

  • WIZ750SR has expansion GPIO

For more details, please refer to the WIZWiki and WIZnet official website.