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W5500 commands over TCP


I’m working on a project right now where I want to establish communication between a custom board and PC through the W5500 chipset. I do not need to connect to the internet. I only need to be able to set a static IP, then send and receive text between the two through some form of terminal interface.

I’ve gotten SPI communication on my board set up and working after tweaking a few examples; I’m using an MSP432 from TI. I’m able to write to registers and read them back successfully. But now I’m somewhat stuck on how to get it to communicate with the PC through TCP or telnet etc.

For reference, I’m an electrical engineer who designed this board and am very new at writing firmware / ethernet.


Datasheet explains how communication is being done in TCP, UDP and RAW modes.
Reuse any working example for TCP communication. The only issue could be setting gateway address (as gateway does not exist in your configuration), and I think setting (leaving it) must be ok. If not, set it to the IP address of the PC you are communicating with - I think it will respond to the ARP packets if they are about its IP address.

Telnet is network protocol and it is built upon the TCP. You will have to implement it in software.

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