LED Not active


I have a W5500 chip on my custom board. When i plug in the ETH cable the LED not blink both Link and Act.
I try to check follow this topic Link LED - #2 by Coccoliso check all bias resistor i can’t solve my ploblem.

Please check my schematic.

Thank you

Would 1k resistors provide enough current for the LEDs to be lit?
Why 50 Ohms instead of required 49.9 1% Ohms? Are they 1%?
Why 6.8 picofarads instead of 6.8 nanofarads?
What “ferrite” is used here?
Is chip accessible through SPI?


Your capacitor is wrong.

6.8pF → 6.8nF

If we can fix this and the problem continues,

Your symptoms are caused by improper PCB design.

Did you refer to the design guide at the URL below?


Thank you.

Thank for all reply.

this case my MCU can access the W5500 chip. i use same controller and wire to W5500 module (i got it from alibaba) it 's work.
In circuit ferrite is 33Ohm. i use 50Ohm resistor because it’s best i can find in my local seller.
but capacitor is my wrong i will fix it first.