WIZNET Distributor Not helping

Hi all,

Wiznet Distributor Rhydolabz is not helping me. The issue is that on 22 Feb 2014 i had ordered 5 qty of WIZ108SR from them. I received them on time but didn’t check whether all were working or not. I took 3 pieces and plugged them with my device and started working. But today on 11-03-2014 on of WIZ108SR stopped working. So i took 1 more device from my stock and found out that instead of WIZ108 it was WIZ107, the distributor now refuses to replace that module. I didn’t ordered that module at all so I am entitled for replacement. Next issue is that i had 1 more module with me which i plugged it in my instrument but that module failed to operate. WIZ config tool is not able to detect it from the network. I dont know why ?

Can WIZNET from KR help us or should we simply stop using WIZNET products…

Dear Sir,

We feel bad making you inconvenient.
Wiznet Hong Kong is responsible for that matter and he is taking care of Distributor Rhydolabz.
To solve this serious, Wiznet HQ will contact Wiznet Hong Kong.


Wizet HQ