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WIZ550web example code can not support many browser ?

Hi all,

I am testing WIZ550Web example code ( https://github.com/Wiznet/WIZ550web ).
But I see a strange situation. When I use Firefox, I see Firefox separate Http package into two package.
The problem is example only accept first package, it seems to me example code maybe only handle Http header (not include body).

In WIN7, I see every browser separate protocol into two package.
In WIN10, Chrome can send full protocol in one package, in this situation, our web works OK.

Please help advise me how to modify WIZ550web example code to support this two package situation.


I tried your situation on firefox and chrome in WIN10 becasue can’t test in WIN 7.
But I don’t see a strange situation.
Please can you send me more information that is packet capture file and debugging capture image.

I am using Firefow Browser 71.0(64-bit)
Are you different from you?
If so, please let me know what are you using.

@becky I am sorry, my fault. In WIN10, chrome and Firefox works well. The problem only happen on WIN7.
Please see below picture, Http protocol become two package.

You can download complete Wireshark log file from:

Please open the log file by 2.2.5 or latest version.


In the packet, the HTTP packet is split into two as you say.
W5500 receives and processes TCP payload as data.
After receiving the first packet, it is likely to add a code that waits for the reception of the data based on the content length.

@becky , Thank you very much. Take RTL8710 as an example, they use LwIP, we can setup 1s timeout to force system continue to read data for 1 second. But in W5500, I don’t understand how your state machine working, therefore I cannot find the correct position to wait for a certain period of time. May you please provide some direction for my reference ?


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