WIZ550io Sample

Hello, and thank you for selecting me to receive a sample and participate in your design contest. I’m excited to start working on my WIZnet design and hopefully the design works it’s way into my company’s newest product!

I received an email a few weeks ago telling me I would be getting a free sample, but no other details. Is there a way of tracking the package?


Thank you for participating the WIZnet design challenge.
I’ll check the shipping date and reply to you. :smiley:

Dear Nicholas Farrell,

Thank you for your interest in our 2014 Design Contest.

Your sample was just shipped out today, and it will take 2 business days to be delivered completely.

Please refer to your e-mail that I sent if you want to know the tracking number.

Yours faithfully,

Thank-you again. I’m really looking forward to developing the wiznet w5500.