Check Socket number problem

I can see in the library:

}while(0); \

if I have WIZCHIP_SOCK_NUM = 8,

when I put sn = 0 → check = OK
when I put sn = 8 → check = OK

I think that this is a bug because the check is validating WIZCHIP_SOCK_NUM + 1 sockets, right?


Hello…in my case while examining this situation I remembered that in the first surrounding (whole network) proxy server is being used. Since i don’t have constant access to that surrounding I can not test if everything would work fine if I have used the option for proxy server in the test. Can this be the source of the problem? You might say I should test it and then report back again, but I want to be ready when I go there next time, so I’m just wondering is there anything I posted here that might indicate where the problem is?

Thanks for your attention
I will fix the bug after checking.