Wiz107sr ttl firmware programming problem

I have wiz107sr TTL. I decided to upgrade firmware to version 3.11
From WizISP (v1.2) wiped, checked, read (received FF), and programming not want! Why?

The problem was another version VizISP, designed for v7100, and it was necessary v7100A. WizISP v2.1.1 helped me. Thank you.

Hi liv.
Serial to Ethernet modules (such as WIZ107/108SR) are have to use dedicated configuration tool for firmware update. not use WizISP. The full firmware is consist of ‘Boot code’ and ‘App code’, and we provide only ‘App code’ for firmware update using configuration tool (network firmware update).

If you want to program the other W7100A device (not S2E modules), please refer to BOOTEN pin description in W7100A datasheet.