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W5500 Execute PHP page on server?

Hello, Im making some Tests with W5500.

I already made a TCP conexion via Hercules succesfully.

I have a server with a PHP page with ip = . Everytime the PHP page is executed via Google Chrome, a value is inserted into the table.

Can anyone help guiding me in what would be the procedure for this to be done with the W5500?

Im trying to make a get using:

send(SOCK_ID_TCP, gDATABUF + sentsize, size - sentsize);

where gDATABUF = “GET”; (wich is the server IP , php location and a temperature variable)

I may be consfusing TCP conexion with what im doing? I would apreciate some information to help me clarify what im trying to do.


I’m not sure if this is the information you want, but I hope it helps.

  1. Create TCP Socket
    socket(SOCK_ID_TCP, Sn_MR_TCP, source_port, 0x00);

  2. Connect to Server
    connect(SOCK_ID_TCP,, dest_port);

  3. Send Get method to Server
    send(SOCK_ID_TCP, gDATABUF + sentsize, size-sentsize);

  4. Receive data from server
    if((size = getSn_RX_RSR(sn))> 0) recv(SOCK_ID_TCP, buf, size);

  5. Parsing received data (buf contains data including HTTP headers received from server)

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