Configuration via telnet; firmware version

Hello everyone,

there is a telnet daemon enabled on the WizFi630 module. Is it possible to configure the module from within a telnet session?

The latest firmware version available for download from is 1.1.25. Now, the modules I received from a distributor are already running version 1.1.28. So what is the current firmware version and where am I supposed to download them from?

Even though you can configure something via telnet, it is not for configuration.

Current official F/W is <1.1.25> and <1.1.28> or something is not official F/W.
As I know, there is no big difference between <1.1.25> and <1.1.28>.

What do you mean 1.1.28 is not an official firmware? It is installed on some of the modules we’ve received from an official WIZnet distributor.
On status_content.asp it is listed as “DS620P-4M-usb-sta-1T1R_v1.1.28-2013/04/09, 10:53:05”. The modules we’ve received with 1.1.25 display “DS620P-11n-4M-usb-sta-PCIe_v1.1.25-2012/07/26, 03:24:45” on this page.

I’ll be happy to provide the mac addresses of the affected modules if it helps WIZnet clarify this situation.

It means that WIzfi630 are mass-produced in WIZnet’s factory with <1.1.25>. (not <1.1.28>)
So, if you want WizFi630 <1.1.28> in much quantity, I think that you had better discuss with the distributor.

In other words, when you order WizFi630, you should specify the f/w version(you need).