Latest Firmware - what is it?

What is the latest firmware? I am running on 1.1.25 but other people are mentioning 1.1.28 and 1.1.29.

anyone out there?

Hello swatboy79

<V1.1.25> is F/W version for M/P(mass production) and official F/W.
<V1.1.29> is currently latest F/W version and is n’t applied to M/P, yet.

And no one can know about the below.

  • when is next WizFi630 mass production
  • what f/w version will be used in next WizFi630 mass production

May i have a copy of the beta 1.1.29?

Hello Swatboy79

I just sent <1.1.29> to you by e-mail.
Please refer to it.


Will the latest version be released on a support page on WizNet?
Is it out now/out of beta?
Could you send it to me as well?

Kim Tommy

Hello Tommy

I just sent <1.1.29> f/w to you.

Hi Steve

Thanks a lot. What we really need in addition is a change log with “what have been changed” so we can match issues we see with the FW updates. Could you point us in the direction of where to find it?

Kim Tommy

Hi Tommy

There is no official change notes about that.
But, as I know, most changes are about bug-fix and new F/W(1.1.29) have backward compatibility for most function.


Are there any updates on 1.1.29? We have some work that works on 1.1.28 we got from a distributor but not when they send us 1.1.25. (Possibly due to the multicast-unicast being disabled?). It would be nice to be able to update those modules to 28 or 29.

Can anyone please sent me the latest 1.1.29 fw? I have problem with TCP-ports and reconnecting.
Is the latest 1.1.29?