Has anyone used a W5500 with NXP S32K?

Hi, I looking at putting a W5500 on my board with a S32K148 main processor. I need to send data over Ethernet at 10Hz (only send, no receive). Is this implementable?

Has anyone used a wiznet with that chip family?

Thanks for the help!

Or is there a SPI routine I could send to just transmit data without the library?


I’ll share the WIZnet iolibrary with you. Please refer to it.

Hi Louis

I can’t link the library to my code unfortunately as I use a library block that just transmits the bytes I select over SPI when triggered.

Is there by any chance a simplified list of commands that I can send to get my W5500 chip to transmit test data just so I can check that the hardware design is correct?

Thank you very much!