Can't connect to W5500 over wireless bridge

We have the W5500 connected to a router. A wireless bridge radio is also plugged into the router. When we connect a computer to the same router we can ping the W5500 and send it other data without any problems. However, when we connect the same computer with the same network settings to the other end of the wireless bridge we can no longer communicate with the W5500, but we can still ping both radios and the router, but not the W5500.

The radios are Ubiquity Rocket M2s.

Anyone have any ideas about why this is? We have the radios that make up the bridge on the same subnet (,, but we can’t connect to the W5500.


Is the radios WiFi bridge with NAT?

How do the router and the radios connect?

Is radious’s uplink port connected with the local port of router?

Just so you know, I am somewhat of a beginner when it comes to networks.

The radios do not have NAT. They are configured with IP addresses on the same subnet as the router and W5500. The router is also not set up to do NAT.

The radios only have one ethernet port, and it is connected to a local port on the router.

The radios are set up in a transparent bridge mode (WDS.)

As I said, we can ping devices on both sides of the bridge. We can’t ping the W5500 over the bridge, but we can ping the W5500 if we are connected directly to the router.


I wonder your environment is as below.

If yes, I need information about AP#1, AP#2, PC#1 and W5500 ip address in order to verify your network environment.

Additionally, Would you test using PC#2 instead of W5500 as below?

It is the same as your image, except that it has a router on the W5500 side. We have connected the network as specified in your second image as well and had no problem pinging either of the computers.

The IP addresses are as follows: Router AP 1 AP 2 W5500 Computer 1 Computer 2

Here is a complete diagram of the network. … system.pdf


I have been checking your document.
If W5500 receive ping request packet from your PC(IP:, W5500 must send response packet to your PC.

So I think W5500 didn’t receive ping request packet because your or did filter the ping request packet due to don’t know mac information of W5500.

If you can possible, I recommend W5500 to send dummy packet of UDP to your PC(IP: in order to add W5500’s mac information in your or .

It seems like to have problem of mac-matching table like as what kaizen said.
You can think another case that your 230 PC have a different MAC address of W5500.
In this case, check the arp table by using dos command prompt “arp -a” in 230 PC.
If W5500’s mac address is different, use the command “arp -d”.

Thank you.

We tried your suggestions without any luck.

Any other ideas?