WIZ5500 Ethernet Packets not being sent correctly via MACRAW

Hello, I am using a W5500 to send an ethernet packet to another W5500, I am writing dummy data that I want to be able to see as the dest and source mac address along with a specific sequence of numbers in my payload. When I am sending my data via SN_CR_SEND I see the activity light on the W5500 that is receiving the data blink but nothing is being recognized as a ethernet packet to make it past my filter. I am unsure if what I am writing to the TX buffer is actually being using as the data the should be sent. Is there anyway to confirm that my TX buffer is being filled since currently its FSR always shows as 0 even though I am writing to it using the preexisting functions that came with the Wizchip drivers.


If transmission is performed normally, you will receive an for the transmission packet from the other party.

If you have received the normally, Sn_TX_FSR will automatically increase.

If Sn_TX_FSR does not increase, it is because the other party does not send the ACK.

Monitor your with the wireshark program.

Thank you.

Hello louis, I am sending ethernet packets from one W5500 to another W5500 which means that I cannot use wireshark to monitor what is being sent. I only have a limited visibility to what I am sending and where to.

I have figured out how to send a packet but now I am stuck trying to figure out how the W5500 receives packets. Is there anyway you could help me with that?