Wiz107SR hardware flow control

We use hardware flow control mode (RS232). But We are not satisfied that the signal is set to the active state
even when not connected via Ethernet. We use WIZ107SR R1.4 and try on firmware 4.01
and 4.03. Could You explain to us what the RTS signal control algorithm used in the module.

Hi, Oleg.
WIZ107SR Serial to Ethernet module comply with the general CTS/RTS H/W flowcontrol method.
Case of the ‘Ethernet to UART’ process, check the CTS pin first and if the CTS pin activated, receive data via ethernet and transfer to serial. if not, no data received. during the Ethernet data transfer to serial, RTS pin is inactivated.
In the opposite case(U2E), RTS pin is inactivated when serial data received more than the threshold.