"Fail to Upload" WIZ110SR

Wiz Program = “WIZ1x0SR_105SR_CFG_V3_0_2.exe”

I have a problem with TWO new WIZ110SR boards. I ‘successfully’ uploaded SVLan version 4.12 to both boards. The WIZ program displayed “Upload Success”. The version displayed in the Wiz program changed from 43 to 4.12, as expected.

But neither programmed board functioned at-all in its intended environment – a receiver. In both cases the receiver’s error message said there was a problem with the external module (the WIZ110SR board).

After this I am unable to upload the SVLan 4.12 program again or any other, including SVLAN043 or your APP_110sr_0510.bin". The Wiz status window shows “Processing . . .” but no progress bars appear . . . and then “Fail to Upload”.

I used a CAT5 cable directly from my Windows7x64 PC to the WIZ110SR network jack. The power supply is providing 5 volts.

I can still Search and find the WIZ110SR board(s). I can ping either one, and I can successfully change settings.

How shall I fix this? Thank you.



What means of SVLan?
SVLan version 4.12 is a customized version?

Not customized by me. Just plain SVLan