WIZ110SR - Firmware Upgrade


I just bought a WIZ110SR.
I plugged in a null modem cable and used putty to monitor the messages received
I plugged in a CAT5 cable on the board and then on a switch where my PC is also connected.
I disabled windows firewall.
After running the latest configuration tool (conf1.png):
The current firmware version is 4.12 as demonstrated on the configuration tool.
I setup the device with static IP and increased the inactivity time to 65535 seconds.
I am using TCP mixed mode as suggested on the manual.
On putty it was show that the configuration was saved, I received the following message

ConfigMsg receive
Then I tried to upload the latest firmware (5.13) and it is not working.
I just get an error message “Failed to Upload”.
I captured the network traffic using wireshark in order to check what is going on (capture.png)
I also run nmap in order to check open ports on the device (both UDP & TCP - TCP_UDP.png).
There are open only 2 ports:
1460/udp open|filtered proshare2
1461/tcp open ibm_wrless_lan

The questions are:

  1. What is the reason and the new firmware is not uploaded on the device?
  2. According to the configuration TCP port 1920 should be in open state awaiting for connections. After running NMAP, the port is not open - why ?

Thank you in advance for your precious help.

Dear sip03ds

I have reproduced the upload processing.
But I didn’t find a fault.
And also I don’t know NMAP tool. I have no advice. Sorry.


Additional images.

After observing the output of Wireshark:

  • The application (Wiz110SR configuration tool) is RESETTING the TCP connection (for unknown reason)
    This is observable on file capture.png - line 148 [RST]
  • My understanding is that 1920 TCP port is not open in Wiz110SR even though it is configured via the program to be open

How can I detect if I have a faulty unit?

Thanks again

If you use the WLAN, you should deactive that. And then try upload again.
You can see to communicate data through port 1920. (Refer to 2015-10-29_wiz110sr6.jpg )

If there is a fault in WIZ110SR, you can request RMA into a purchasing office.


thanks Jim,

Please clarify what do you mean by WLAN, as stated on my first post, s2e device is connected on a switch and my pc is connected on that switch.

When you use WLAN network adapter in your PC or laptop, it is possible to lost data from a configuration tool to WIZ110SR.
Please be deactivate WLAN as possible during upload.


I am not using a wireless LAN + the pc is not equipped with a WLAN adapter, I have a desktop connected using the on-board ethernet card.

If you have another WIZ110SR, is there same problem?
I recommend RMA into a purchasing office.


Unfortunately I don’t have another WIZ110SR in order to test.
I will request for an RMA