[From QnA] wiz100SR issues

my problem is i have a wiznet chip with the id 00:08:DC:16:D1:5E on wiz100SR EVB. when i search for the ip address, i have been able to find it but when i try sending data from GTXCW(rateboard) it fails. i have checked all the settings but still can not send a data. one thing is when i fix the old wiznet it sends data correctly, is it from the chip or from the configuration tool. Maybe from the firmware version.

Dear customer,
Thanks for your interest in wiz100sr.
I apologize for the late response.
First and most importantly, you should use the latest firmware.
Please verify the whether your pc open port(ex. port 5000) or not and then try again.
And what kind of mode do you use?(ex. TCP client or server, UDP)