W5500 UDP sendto() timeout

Good afternoon.
I repeated the loopback_udps() example.
STM32 receives data from PC.
When sending data from STM32 to PC (sendto() function) always returns -13(SOCKERR_TIMEOUT).
Data is not transmitted from STM32 to PC. Wireshark does not catch packets.
Tell me what could be the problem.

As soon as you get packets, MAC address, source IP address, mask, gateway IP address ad source port number must have been set properly. What is about destination IP address and destination port?

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Thanks for the answer.
I found a solution to the problem.
In the source codes of the sendto() function
replaced by

By the way, you can find all the workflow in the W5100 datasheet here starting with page 41.

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good afternoon
Tell me please.
How to read the sender’s MAC address from the Socket RX buffer register of the W5500 chip. Sn_MR_UDP mode of operation.
Is it realistic to do so.

page 68 of the W5100 manual.

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