Unable to send UDP data


I was trying to run the loopback_udps() but the code failed while it tries to run the sendto() function, which always return “SOCKERR_TIMEOUT”.

In another word, the send operation has failed. (which is at the very last few lines of the sendto())

I am able to receive data via recvfrom().

Also, I am able to run the loopback_tcps() without any problems, so I am pretty sure that my network config should be alright.

I have added exceptions in my PC’s firewall.

Could anyone suggests where the mistake might be? I am out of ideas now.

Thank you.

Update #1:

I tried modifying the sendto() and successfully send data via “SEND_MAC” using a fixed MAC address (in register Sn_DHAR).

I suspect the ARP process has failed. Trying to isolate the network and narrow down the cause of this issue.

Be right back…