A new example of compiling with CMake (w5500-evb-pico) without Visual studio (C lang)

First of all I’m not skilled using CMake or compiling and linking libraries…

But I can compile your examples perfect “the standard way” without Visual Studio:

Create a "build" directory in your rootdir -> cmake .. --> make
  • This works perfect, because your developers made everything easy and perfect in advance.

But let’s say I want to build a server program and use your libraries to do socket communication with the “w5500-evb-pico” and NOT use Visual studio code.

My example serverprogram (server.c) and my libraries:
myserver.c, myserver.h, depend1.c, depend1.h, depend2.c, depend2.h

How should my “CMakeLists.txt” look like?

I figure it out!
But I’m stuck trying to create/convert a server…

I would save a lot of time if there was an example of a “normal socket server” (and client), using:
bind, accept, fork, listen, recv/read, send/write

Hello @Gruber

To implement the TCP server, it would be nice to refer to the Loopback example.

Refer to the ‘loopback_tcps()’ function.

Thank you!
Next thing will be to figure out how to debug my creation. To be able to see anything on my server inside the W5500-evb-pico card… Any easy suggestions?

Hi @Gruber

If you created the server normally,

Next, you can easily check whether the server is workiing normally by using a tool called Hercules as a client.