WizFi360-EVB-Pico Socket Example?

I’ve been evaluating the WizFi360-EVB-Pico board but getting very bogged down. Neither of the example project WizFi360-EVB-Pico-C or WizFi360-EVB-Pico-AWS-C compile for me. Both show missing files, such as freertos_evr.h.

I have managed to build an example that connects to an AP and then initiates a socket. Even just bring back 100 bytes of data causes cmsis_os2.c block allocation to attempt a null pointer assignment. Does any one have any example code that works for this board?

It is a shame the WizFi360 module does not support the AT+CIPSTARTEX command, as it looks like that would allow the lwesp library to work with the board. That would be a great deal easier than the CMSIS ecosystem that seems to be problematic.

Please advise.



Just spotted the patch file wasn’t being applied which seems to have been my issue. Though the patch is interesting… Is there a longer term fix?

Hello @Jon_Durrant

What development environment are you using to develop?

If you are developing using Visual Studio Code on Windows, it will be patched automatically when you load the project.

Please note that it is set to be patched automatically in ‘*-patch.cmake’ in the project’s top directory.

And there’s also a way to patch it manually.

For manual patching, please refer to ‘getting_started.md’ in the project’s top directory.

Thanks. I use Eclipse on Mac and build on RPI 4 Ubuntu 20.04.

Can I suggest a tutorial or documentation explaining versions and the build process to get it to succeed? Certainly, I found it a lot of work to get a working version.


Hi @Jon_Durrant

Because it supports the development environment using Visual Studio Code on Windows, it is difficult to support the development environment using Eclipse on MAC and R-PI 4 Ubuntu.

I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.