WIZnet TLS example + W5500

I’m trying since few days to run the example W5x00-TLS from Wiznet but the handshake stays blocked at the step MBEDTLS_SSL_SERVER_HELLO. My board is a Nucleo-L152RE
I have read on the forum some topics about people who successed to run this example but they didn’t mention how did they do

Any help or clue or steps to take are welcome. I can add the debug output if needed

Best regards


Hello, @nogema

could you first check spi working?

we can check tls function after checking loopback or ethernet network with io module.


I have already run the example HTTP successfuly. After all, I successed to run the handshake by changing the configuration in the config.h file in Drivers/TLS/mbedtls/include/mbedtls.

My issue now is my configuration only works for some website. I think the problem comes from the features of the public key but sometimes even with two websites with the same public key features (for example, RSA 2048), the handshake fails.
I think I have a lack of knowledge about the TLS protocol and I miss some parameters.