HHTP client with TLS

Hi all,
this is my first post to the forum.

I want to send GET or POST requests to servers which require a HTTPS connection. This is probably a common requirement but I haven’t been able to find relevant older threads on the forum.

I am using a W5500 chip driven by a STM32F446 microcontroller

I was able to compile and run the Wiznet examples on Github for an HTTP client:


and also for secure TLS connection


However I am really struggling to understand how to merge the two concepts together and I need some pointers or better an example to get me started.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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You can find the functions of a name that begins with wiz_tls_xxxx.
like wiz_tls_connect(), wiz_tls_read(), wiz_tls_write()…

You should use those functions on the httpClient.c file instead of using previous functions like connect(), send(), recv()…

I hope you succeed.



I tried the TLS example. I can able to port the code in STM32F401RE. Initially I got the error but after changing the #define MBEDTLS_MPI_MAX_SIZE 256, I got successful handshake with server. I need to connect to server using MQTT+TLS. Any examples or material would be very useful.

I successfully tested the MQTT example. Works over 1883.


Hi Wiznet company,
I will make project with a lot of device, which is used W5500.
Could you help to knows how to use TLS with MQTT?
Thanks and best regard

Has anyone been able to get the W5500 to connect to https? Even if the certificate is invalid, that would be OK.

Are there any examples?

I’m trying since few days to run the example W5x00-TLS from Wiznet but the handshake stays blocked at the step MBEDTLS_SSL_SERVER_HELLO. My board is a Nucleo-L152RE
Looking for some help on the forum, I have seen that you successed to run this example. What kind of fix have you done to run the example on your board ?