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HHTP client with TLS

Hi all,
this is my first post to the forum.

I want to send GET or POST requests to servers which require a HTTPS connection. This is probably a common requirement but I haven’t been able to find relevant older threads on the forum.

I am using a W5500 chip driven by a STM32F446 microcontroller

I was able to compile and run the Wiznet examples on Github for an HTTP client:


and also for secure TLS connection


However I am really struggling to understand how to merge the two concepts together and I need some pointers or better an example to get me started.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You can find the functions of a name that begins with wiz_tls_xxxx.
like wiz_tls_connect(), wiz_tls_read(), wiz_tls_write()…

You should use those functions on the httpClient.c file instead of using previous functions like connect(), send(), recv()…

I hope you succeed.

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