w5500-mac: w5500)reset (228): Reset Timeout

We have made our circuit schematic according to the specimen design and also checked all the connections.
The circuit designed as per the following link:

It is connected to ESP32 WROOM module and we are using ESP-IDF version 4.3.3.
We can see the 25 MHz clock signal going to the CLK pin of W5500.

But we are getting the following error:
w5500-mac: w5500)reset (228): Reset Timeout
w5500-mac: emac_w5500_init(610): reset w5500 failed.

We also have W5500 evaluation board and when we connect the controller signals to Evaluation board, it works and gets connected but in our hardware is does not.

Can you please guide us on the same?


I suspect this error means there’s some problem at the very start of the W5500 driving/initializing, and problem is in SPI communication (code can’t perform soft reset using MR).