i designed a new board using the the wiznet 5500 with ST micro controller .
the schismatic is based on the wiznet5500 reference design i chose a deign with the magnitecs inside the rj45 connector

after hooking up the board to my supply voltage i can manage to perform SPI communication beetween the wiznet and the st microcontroller but i don’t see the link and ack turns on like the wiznet 5500 is if
i am doing reset at startup for nrst puling it down 10ms and then pulling it high for 100ms .
after that i doing all the configurations for the mac address .
but i don’t seem to get link ?
is there any idea what to look for in order to get it to work

all the pmod pins i pulled to high to enable all

If PHY is connected to live Ethernet cable link LED will turn on if chip is not in reset state and even if chip is not configured.

If you do not get a link up then you either have W5500 in reset state, have problems with clock, or have problems with circuitry (e.g. wrong magjack pinout, bad soldering, etc).

hii thanks you were wright 'there was awrong wiring