wiz850io Production ready?


We are currently developing a device (based on ESP32) where we would like to add Ethernet via a (soldered) plug-in module.
Is WIZ850io considered production ready?
As the device will be in a plastic enclosure, there is no additional shielding, we could add. Does this module pass CE EMV requirements (although not officially certified), or is it considered a pure development board?
If not EMV compliant, which board/option do you suggest to use?
What about WIZ550io?

Thank you!

Hi, Carrot

The WIZ850io module is a product on sale and has no discontinued plans.
(WIZ850io | WIZnet Document System)
Previously released Wiznet module products are development boards.
Unfortunately, I tried to find the record of the module being tested for certification, but I couldn’t confirm it.
Complementation is required by proceeding with the CE EMV test.