Hostname for W5500 webserver

I have a WIZ550web board which uses web pages to control the I/O on the board. The default address is and I can access the web pages by putting this address on the address bar in the web browser.
Can I give a name to it for easier access? For example, instead of putting the ip address, I can name it wiznetserver and when I put wiznetserver on the address bar in the browser it will connect to the board and serve the web pages.

This is performed through DNS - name resolution service on the network. I guess this is out of scope for W5500 software and not relates to the W5500, but to the network configuration.

So can I create a frame and send it to my DNS server?
I don’t have much knowledge on the subject and will do more research, but is it possible? Also could you give me a few pointers? Thanks