Hanrun HR873169AE Ethernet Socket Reference Shematic

I want to use Hanrun HR873169AE socket. BUT TCT and TCT Pins are Shorted. How Should I Connect Wiznet5500 According to Socket? Can you share a sample schematic?
Thank you.

Hi, @Argeolog

you can refer this schematics, Reference Schematic | WIZnet Document System

Thank you

dear friend, i made w5500 connection before. Now the situation is different. Tct and RCT terminals are combined in this socket. Please look at the red mark in the picture.

MagJack selection wrong?

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hanrun i want a socket with poe,rct,rct pins similar to this one. Do you know your code?

Hi @Argeolog RJ45 jack types with a combination of RTC and TCT are not available for the W5500.

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