MagJack selection wrong?


I made a custom board for a RP2040 with a W5500. Both chips are working and are accessible, i.e. I can set a MAC and read it again.
Unfortunately, the W5500 does not connect to the network and the status LED stay off. I think, that I was unlucky with my MagJack selection. Could someone look on my schematics? The CTs are connected and that is why I used the “reference design” for connected CTs.
Just in case it is interesting, I was able to run with similar code the demo boards (pico + w5500 from ebay).

I am happy to provide any further information if required.

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Wiring seems to be in accordance to this. But IMHO would be more correct using 009 type of MagJack.

Thanks. I agree, that the 009 parts are more similar-looking to the used jacks on the Wiznet boards, however, I do not understand the big difference.
Unfortunately, I would like to use PoE. Do you know a working Magjack connector for the 5500 with PoE? Do you know, from the electrically/digital point of view, what makes the difference in the coil positions inside the magjack?
Tomorrow I am going to try to connect a magjack from Wiznet board.

I was able to verify, that the w5500 is operating when connecting the ethernet jack from a wiznet board. I will make a new board and would like to ask you, if these two jacks would work with POE:

WE 7499211125

Abracon ARJP11A

Thanks in advance.

I do not see the reason why not, but anyway advise you to perform prototyping before making the product.

Thanks, I’ll test it. :wink:

Just want to let all know, that my first MagJack selection was wrong.
I can verify, that the Wuerth connector is operating, at least I can get an IP from a DHCP server.
Thanks for your help!