how can i use 2 independent socket of w5500 as http server and http client at the same time

I have a project running wiznet w5500 as http client. I am using the stm32 microprocessor. In the project, I want to remotely view the device settings using the w5500 chip as an http server. The w5500’s datasheet says it has 8 independent sockets. Is it possible to use the w5500 chip as both http client and http server from different sockets at the same time?

Yes. One connects as a client, another listens to specific port as a server.

Thanks for your answer. Any ideas on how I can do this? When I set my STM32 card as HTTP server and HTTP client, both work separately. But it doesn’t work when I want to make 2 connections at the same time. I run HTTP server and client processes in separate threads. Socket 2 is running as HTTP server, socket 0 is running as HTTP client.

How it does not work? Both treads access one device - maybe it is a problem? Need more detail.

I have stm32 card using w5500 chip. I can run http server and http client codes that I wrote separately on this device. However, while the device is running as an http client, I want to view its settings on the web page as an http server at the same time. I am using RTOS on my card and client and server codes are running in separate threads. Is it possible to connect client and server using different sockets over a single ethernet chip?

Selam Rabia
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