WIZ7500 S2E Only going from Serial To Ethernet, not Ethernet to Serial

Hello, I’m using the WIZ7500 in my own design with the S2E software version 1.3.3. I flashed the board with the binary found here (Download | WIZnet Document System) for W7500-S2E and use the mac config tool to give the device a MAC address as there was not one previous. The device is now showing in the Wiznet S2E Configuration tool and is responding to AT commands over the Tx0 and Rx0 lines. Ethernet is also generally working as the configuration tool is working and is changing and reading the w7500 settings correctly on the settings port and data is successfully transferring in the serial to ethernet direction.

However, data is not sending in the Ethernet to serial direction. I am able to open socket 5000, but data sent to that port isn’t being transferred to the serial port. Is there any suggestions as to what may be the cause of this issue?

It’s worth noting, as others who have had similar issues that it may be due to PHY Link not having been established correctly. The S0 commands returns SO1 so PHY Link is down even though tcp seems to be working for the config tool, this could be blocking all functionality. For Wiznet W7500 is seems the PHY Link pin is PA_00 which I have attached to ground right now. Could this be the problem I am facing, where should I attach this PA_00 PHY pin so that I don’t get the PHY Link down error.

I’ve also now noticed that the debug port is outputting the message “phy id detect error!” so it seems likely that the PHY link pin is the culprit, any suggestions on what the device is looking for with that pin?

Here are the contents of my debug port if that helps find the problem.

phy id detect error!!

phy id detect error!!

phy id detect error!!

phy id detect error!!


WIZnet Serial to Ethernet Device
Firmware version: 1.3.3 Stable

  • Device name: WIZ750SR-1xx
  • Device mode: TCP_SERVER_MODE
  • Network settings:
    • Obtaining IP settings: [Automatic - DHCP]
    • TCP/UDP ports
      • S2E data port: [5000]
      • TCP/UDP setting port: [50001]
      • Firmware update port: [50002]
    • TCP Retransmission retry: [8]
  • Search ID code:
    • Disabled: [None]
  • Ethernet connection password:
    • Disabled (TCP server / mixed mode only)
  • Connection timer settings:
    • Inactivity timer: Disabled
    • Reconnect interval: [3000] (msec)
  • Serial settings:
    • Data UART port: [UART0]
      • UART IF: [RS-232/TTL]
      • 115200-8-N-1 / Flow control: NONE
    • Debug UART port: [UART2]
      • 115200-8-N-1 / NONE (fixed)
  • Serial data packing options:
    • Time: Disabled
    • Size: Disabled
    • Char: Disabled
  • Serial command mode switch code:
    • Enabled
    • [2B][2B][2B] (Hex only)
  • Hardware information: Status pins
    • Status 1: [PA_10] - DTR
    • Status 2: [PA_01] - DSR
  • Hardware information: User I/O pins
    • UserIO A: [PC_13] - Digital / Input
    • UserIO B: [PC_12] - Digital / Input
    • UserIO C: [PC_09] - Digital / Input
    • UserIO D: [PC_08] - Digital / Input


MAC: 00:08:DC:00:00:08

IP : / Port: 5000

GW :

SN :


DHCP IP Leased time : 691200 seconds


I have solved my issue by doing two things, I needed to ground my PA_00 pin as this is the pin the W7500 pin was looking for PHY Link confirmation. I also needed to send the “SC00” command to my board as the PHY Link pin was being used for DTR instead of as PHY Link.

Thank you for sharing the problem and solution.