W7500P UDP throughput slower than expected


I would like to know the max throughput of the W7500p when sending UDP datagrams. Currently I am sending from a while loop using the wiznet socket library sendto function and checking for a return of SOCK_BUSY. My loop executes every 4 milliseconds which is giving me a about ~3mbit / sec and this seems slow.

The link speed is 100mbit

Is this expected throughput or can this go faster?

while (ret!= SOCK_BUSY)
    		GPIO_SetBits(GPIOC, LED_RED);
    		ret = sendto(0, send_buff, 1500, udp_multi_dest_ip, udp_destport);
    		GPIO_ResetBits(GPIOC, LED_RED);

Board is a W7500P eval V1.0