W5100S-based Module, How To Buy in Korea?

My client is using a W5100S chip in an existing product, and I wanted to do some development tasks on the lab bench. I thought I had a suitable module. But, the only W5100S chip module I have is built into the RP2040 product. I have a stand-alone module (an Adafruit feather), but it is based on the W5500 chip.

Looking at the website, there are two modules based on the 5100s – the WIZ810Sio and the WIZ810SMJ ( the W5100Sio would work, but it doesn’t have the magnetics or jack ). Trying to visit the Korean webstore results in a 404 access error. The US store has them, but I’d have to wait for shipping from the US. G-Market has one, but it ships from outside Korea and takes two weeks to deliver. Coupang has some different modules, but these seem to all be over a week delivery time. Devicemart supply is via Arrow, and they have no inventory. Digikey also doesn’t have inventory. I can’t tell if the Wiznet Korean store has stock, since the website is offline.

Where can I buy a W5100S-based module (with magnetics and jack) that is stocked within Korea? Any ideas?


-Chris Lott, The Stumbler
Sacheon, South Korea

You can buy the modules in our online store in Korea: https://wiznetshop.co.kr/

Would you mind to let me know what page leaded to 404 error?

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Viktor… I was JUST about to type this. The online store changed URL apparently. I found the correct one – https://wiznetshop.io

The page that had that link was: https://www.wiznet.io/product-item/wiz810sio/
and it linked to http://shop.wiznet.io
It looks like all the links to the Korean store from the various product pages point to this old URL.
Also the “how to buy” page https://www.wiznet.io/how-to-buy/online-store/ points to the bad URL
It doesn’t seem to be related to English / Korean, either. This Korean page for the Pico board also points incorrectly: https://www.wiznet.io/ko/product-item/w5100s-evb-pico/

Anyway, now I found the online store, I’ve arranged to purchase a couple of these modules for my development work.


I will check the website and pages. Thanks for letting me know.
I just checked the inventory, we have enough stock of WIZ810Sio and WIZ810SMJ.

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Thanks. My client just ordered a couple units this morning, and had them drop shipped to me here in Sacheon. Look forward to using them.