Can the W5500 support the ip change?

Hello, i’m currently working in a project where i need to ask the user is he want’s to change the current IP. I need to do this using the TCP/IP configuration the problem is that i cant manage to send the full IP through ethernet, what i receive is something like 2001f7b4 or I only receive correctly the first number of any IP i write in ascii, for example if i use, what i get is a 49 (1 in this case).
What i would do is to write the IP in an array and then just send the data and that should do, but i cant write the data in the array.
Has someone made something like this?

Not clear what you do. You change IP address and other settings by writing specific required values into the W5500 registers. But here you say

and it suggests you send some data through internet. If you can not get this data then it is not a problem of IP address as is but communication in general. You must give more information on what have been done so far and what works, and what you are trying to achieve and how it works or/and does not work.