W7500P ADC functionality

Trying to get the W7500P ADC working.
Can verify that the ADC clk is being generated by looking at Clk Monitor pin.
Can set & read back ADC registers, but a conversion never starts or completes. I did program it out of power down mode.

Data sheet V1.0.9 has a note that says all references to ADC are removed. Does that mean that the ADC hardware fuctionality has been disabled, including alternate pad function ( to be able to select analog ins )?

Is there any way to activate the ADC? For my application not too worried about some crosstalkl. Would like to evaluate just how significant it is. Using ADC as an input voltage monitor detect.

I have looked through the application code libs and my code is similar in structure.

Hello, Selectech
Before discussing this, there is one situation to review. How many Channels does the ADC use?

1 channel for sure, maybe a 2nd.
For my application, really only need 1 channel.

Oh, I’m sorry for the late response.
The problem with the ADC on the W7500 is that if you use more than two channels, going above a certain speed will affect other channels. There are no other problems.
There’s nothing wrong with one channel.

To activate the ADC, first, confirm that the ADC clock signal is correctly generated and monitor the Monitor pin for verification. Note that references to ADC functionality have been removed, suggesting potential disablement of ADC hardware, including alternate pad function selection for analog inputs. Your code to activate the ADC and tolerate potential crosstalk, considering its impact on your voltage monitoring application.

I suspected that the removal of references to internal ADC may mean it is eventually disabled. Will be sorry to see that disappear, an onboard ADC is handy and the cross-talk can be managed for some applications.

The problem with getting the ADC to work is with the descriptions on setting it up. In order for the ADC completion flag to operate, it is necessary to enable the ADC interrupt in the peripheral, with optionally enabling the interrupt to the M0 controller.

None of the documentation indicated that the ADC interrupt needed to be enabled to get the ADC flags to function.

Dave Milton