[W7500P] PB_06 alternate function


Is it possible to use pin PB_06 as a Digital GPO?

In the w7500p reference manual, I found dubious information regarding this topic:

Table 10 states that its alternate function is a GPIO port
Section 12.4.20 states it has no alternate function

I have also performed some tests, however I didn’t manage to set pin PB_06 as a Digital GPO pin.

Any help is appreciated

Hello, pherig


The pin PB_06 is possible to be used as GPIO too.

And it is so sorry to guide confused documents.

We will correct as soon as possible.

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are you using the default libraries? Maybe the following code will help you, let me know if it works for you.

	GPIO_InitDef.GPIO_Pin = GPIO_Pin_6;
	GPIO_InitDef.GPIO_Mode = GPIO_Mode_OUT; // Set to Mode Output
	GPIO_Init(GPIOB, &GPIO_InitDef);
	PAD_AFConfig(PAD_PB, GPIO_Pin_6, PAD_AF1);
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PB_06 doesnot work as GPIO!!! According to the table 10 in section 12.3 of W7500P Reference Manual
Version 1.0.3 it has such function, but according to 15.6.2 it doesnot have such function. I’ve tried. It doesnot work!

hello nda

sorry for late reply.

the new w7500x datasheet said that PB_6 does not work as GPIO anymore in table 4 (only dup)

please refer the below link


thank you

I am very confused. because I am using PB06 of W7500p as GPIO now.

Of course, the datasheets were shown to be available only as DUP, but I ignored that.

And I’ve written code that toggles the pin every 0.5 seconds.

And it works well.